Time to Switch to (Facebook) Timeline


If you use Facebook to promote your business, you need to know about a big change this social media site is making: the switch to the Timeline format. The switch was recently made for personal pages, and now will affect business users as well.

Timeline brings several important differences:
The Timeline format looks different from the current format. Rather than one long, scrolling list of posts, it is laid out by dates, making it possible to easily go “back in time” in a company’s history. You can post milestones that happened in your business, even before you started your Facebook page.
More Control Over Your Content
You can adjust the look of “stories” that you’ve posted in the past, by making them larger, “pinning” them to the top of the page, or deleting them entirely.
New Cover Page
Also new to Timeline is the cover image, which is a large image displayed across the top of the page. You will still have your profile image, but it will be smaller. This cover page replaces the landing tab that you may have had in place before.
With Timeline, fans can now send your company messages on Facebook. While you as a page administrator cannot send messages to others, you can (and should!) respond to any that come to you.
New Admin Page
Timeline features an admin panel that displays messages, likes, insights, notifications, and an activity log. From this page, you can share your page, invite friends, or create an ad. Using the Likes box on competitors’ pages, you can also gather information about their fans.
What to Do Next
Get your cover photo set up, edit your timeline entries, and add some more about your business. Consider which elements of your page stand out, and highlight them as icons.
For additional instructions, read some of the comprehensive Facebook Timeline guides, such as those from Social Media Examiner, and HubSpot, as well as this helpful infographic from Marketo and the New Facebook Pages guide.
Still stuck? GetUsSocial is here to help!

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  1. Ryan says:

    Nooo, not the timeline! Change! The horror! Haha. It’s funny, but people really don’t seem to like this change. Everyone is always vocal about all of the Facebook changes, then seem to forget about them in a couple of weeks (and would probably complain if they went back to the old format). Go figure!

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